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Gay Andrews, MBA
Caplink Financial Corp.
Executive Vice President, COO

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Gay Andrews


Caplink Financial Corporation (‘Caplink’) is a mortgage lending firm that originates and administers private residential and commercial mortgages in Alberta, British Columbia and Saskatchewan.

As a private mortgage lender, Caplink can structure and fund mortgages that institutional lenders often cannot do. Through experienced and constructive lending, Caplink can provide borrowers with the financing that they need whether it is a small residential second mortgage or a large commercial first mortgage.

As an excellent source of private mortgage investments, Caplink’s highly experienced management team is able to procure, fund and administer a wide range of mortgage investment products.

In addition to our mortgage lending division, we can also offer our investors an alternative investment to mortgage investing. Our sister company, Camrock Capital is an asset management investment that is a longer term product which allows our investors to own commercial and industrial properties. This investment product allows our investors a diversification to their existing mortgage investments.






Caplink Financial Corp.
Suite 1000, 8215 112 Street
Edmonton, AB