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2019 Board of Directors

Thirteen Industry members working for you

Gord Ross

Gord Ross, President & PMLF Representative

Adil Mawji

Adil Mawji, Past President

      (Inter-relations MPC)

Stephanie Blake

Stephanie Blake, Treasurer

Ryan Spence

Ryan Spence, Vice-President & Education Director

Pam Pikkert

Pam Pikkert, Membership Director

  • Mortgage Alliance – Regional Mortgage Group
  • Red Deer
  • 403-392-3094

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Denise Hendrix

Denise Hendrix, Fundraising Director

Elaine Taylor

Elaine Taylor, MPC Representative

Tracey Robinson

Tracey Robinson, Events Director

Nancy Kamineski

Nancy Kamineski, Education Director

Ron Lefebvre

Ron Lefebvre, Government Relations Director

Janelle Bentz

Janelle Bentz, Communications Director

  • Dominion Lending Centres (Calgary)
  • Calgary, AB
  • 403-589-2777

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Heather Cermak

Heather Cermak, Communications Director

  • Mortgage Alliance Company of Canada
  • Calgary, AB
  • 403-271-1489

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Danielle Pendleton

Danielle Pendleton, Membership Director